On the road to SXSW pt.1

We spent the night with our lovely Turlock family for the first night of our SXSW tour. Anna and Bob left organic rice and beans on the stove because we had gotten a late start (Tristan and Plucky had to drop off their wonderful dog with dog-sitter extraordinaire claire). We woke up to pancakes and smoothies, man they treat us like kings and queens in Turlock. Anna is working with local organic farmers and we got to see Store Wars, my favorite character was Obi One Canolli. Got some gas and mailed the new cd songs to Steve Jones for his radio show that’s going to be transmitted from Austin for SXSW. We are heading across the desert right now to play at the bunkhouse in Las Vegas. Just found out one of our close friends, Kyra Reed, is going to be blog guru for Music Core. Check out Kyra’s new book Blog 101 at her website kyrareed.com. See you all in Las Vegas tonight where we will melt faces with our new song “Goodis Song Everâ€?. One of the new lyrics was inspired by the beautiful princess jeri curl. It goes “nothing gets my girls hair in a braid faster than a graffiti eye, like sheep among wolves, innocent as doves when the dog bites your safari.â€? We just made a movie about a necklace. Here’s the tag line: Many hands pull at a necklace. They wish for the necklace down. “Wellâ€? says one hand, “wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.â€? That hand then forcefully pulls so hard it breaks the magic off. I love you.