TV Appearances

The Upsidedown’s music has been featured on several TV programs. Here is a partial list!

True Blood (HBO) “Wolf Blood Honey” S3 E4
Sons on Anarchy (FX) “If you are Hell Girl” S2 E2
Ray Donovan (Showtime) “If You Are Hell Girl” S2 E2
The Vampire Diaries (CW) “Pepper Spray” S1 E11
Californication (Showtime) “Elizabeth” S4 E8
The Resident (Fox) “Pepper Spray” S3
Blue Mountain State (Spike)“If You Are Hell Girl” S2 E8
Men in Trees (ABC) “Blackeye Liner” S2 E14
Animal Kingdom (TNT) “Black Rainbow” S2 E8
Life Unexpected (CW) “Blackeye Liner” S1 E3
Life Unexpected (CW) “Number 29” S1 E5
Life Unexpected (CW) “Airplane Eyes” S1 E4
Life Unexpected (CW) “Pepper Spray” S1 E4
What About Brian (ABC) “Elizabeth”
Greek (ABC) “Pepper Spray” S3 E12
Trauma (NBC) “Kissing the Angels Shoes” S1 E11
Trauma (NBC) “If You Are Hell Girl” S1
Trauma (NBC) “Umbrella” S1
Trauma (NBC) “Silver Wind” S1
Trauma (NBC) “Halo” S1
Damages (FX) “Halo” S3 E2
Fast Inc. (MTV) “Elizabeth” S1 E3
Caveman (ABC) “Wake up Drive Thru” S1