Festival of Speed

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The Upsidedown will be suppling rock and roll to the Maryhill Festival of Speed in Goldendale WA, USA. This is the 2007 IGSA WORLD CUP (September 11-15). And what could be more psychedelic than wearing vintage motorcycle leathers and hurling yourself down one of the first modern roads on a skateboard? We can’t think of too many things more rock and roll. We had to play this event. For one thing long-boarding is a new favorite pastime. For second we love Maryhill Museum and that whole area. One of our friends got married at the museum and we played the party and fell in love with the place. And being the big dreamers that we are it is easy to be inspired by Sam Hill who made that whole scene possible… including the crazy piece of road that makes the event possible. Plus we love to say; “What in the Sam Hill…,” all of the time.