Video Screening @ Bumbershoot

eye capture

Wow our new (yet to be released) video made the short list to be showcased at Bumbershoot Music/ART Festival in Seattle. This was a great surprise because nobody from our camp even submitted the video. We were invited out of the blue (someone must be using that “Secret” stuff again). Here are the list of videos to be shown.

BROKEN BOY SOLDIER: Raconteurs (d. Floria Sigismondi, USA, 2006, 3 min)
HEADLOCK: Imogen Heap (d. Madeline Wall, USA, 2007, 4 min)
HUMAN DESTINATION: The Upsidedown (d. Justin Adams, USA, 2007, 4 min)

MAGNETIZED: Laura Veirs (d. Lynn Shelton, USA, 2006, 4 min)

ALIBI: Andrea Wittgens (d. Sue Corcoran, USA, 2007, 4 min)

EVIL BEE: Menomena (d. Stefan Nadelman, USA, 2007, 4 min)

MIDSUMMER DREAM: Citizen Cope (d. Michele Castagnetti, USA, 2006, 5 min)

ONE MAN WRECKING MACHINE: Guster (d. Drew Lightfoot, USA, 2006, 4 min)

OH MANDY: Spinto Band (d. John Watts, USA 2006, 4 min)

SHE’S A DOG: Captain Vintastic (d. Sue Corcoran, USA, 2006, 4 min)

For more information go here.

If you are attending the Bumbershoot this year and want to attend — the video will screen on Saturday August 1st at 12 PM @ McCaw Lecture Hall.