The Upsidedown on your TV

TUD_slide_TVTRUE BLOOD June 27th on HBO.

We can also be heard on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES,- song “Pepper Spray” (Thursday, January 21st on CW) and DAMAGES, -Starring Glenn Close – song “Halo” (Monday, January 25th on FX).

“If You Are Hell Girl” made it on an episode of “Sons of Anarchy” on FX which is very cool. Past episodes have included a lot of bands that we like and or respect like The Black Keys, Big George Jackson, Fu Manchu, Katey Sagal, Warlocks, Monster Magnet, Black Mountain, The Toadies, Hill Stomp and Andy Williams. The episode we are on is called “Small Tears,” which is the second show of the second season.
Watch it.

The NBC series “Trauma” used our song “Hey Man I’m Kissing the Angel’s Shoes” on the second episode called “All’s Fair.”
Watch it here.