SXSW 2010 + Great American


We are getting all geared up for another fun trip to Austin, Texas for SXSW. Our loving hosts THE BLACK ANGELS will put us up again and there will be many songs sung around the campfire after our shows for the day are played and I am sure we will visit a train or two. We have a blast every year. The food, the music, the people, the food, the music. So good. We will probably make our daily pilgrimage to TORCHY’s! where we will eat Republicans, (you would never believe how good they are – I encourage you to eat one today) Mr. Pinks (seared tuna!) and White Trashes. YUM!

We usually get confirmation on new shows on the trip down so this list is likely to GROW as it usually does. I think we had 5 shows on the books last year but ended up playing 12 including an “official” show so keep your eyes and ears open. We may have some pyrotechnics if we play outdoors (safety first) so be watching for giant mushroom clouds.

Mar 19 2010 4:00P
Red Eyed Fly – SXSW Littleradio Party Austin, Texas
Mar 19 2010 8:00P
The Spider House – SXSW w/Serena Maneesh Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2010 4:00P
Encore – SXSW Obscure Magpie Music Party Austin, Texas
Mar 26 2010 8:00P
Redwood w/Spindrift Los Angeles, California
Mar 27 2010 8:00P
Great American Music Hall w/Dead Meadow San Fransisco, California
Apr 1 2010 8:00P
Doug Fir Lounge w/Dead Meadow Portland, Oregon

We are honored and excited to be playing LA’s Little Radio show. This is going to be a good one for sure. That “TBA” that appears last right after us WILL BE A SURPRISE I promise you!!

05:20P-06:00P    TBA
04:50P-05:20P    The Upsidedown
04:20P-05:00P    Spindrift
03:50P-04:20P    Jason Simon (Dead Meadow)
03:20P-04:00P    Warpaint
02:50P-03:20P    Serena Maneesh
02:20P-03:00P    Darker My Love
01:50P-02:20P    Restavrant
01:20P-02:00P    Dead Confederate
12:00P-01:20P    Tenlons Fort + Manhattan Murder Mystery

We will be playing a few shows with our friends on the way back including a show in LA with SPINDRIFT then at THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL in San Francisco with DEAD MEADOW! Plucky says it is his favorite place to play ever and that is saying alot because he has played some of the best halls around the world. Can’t wait!

We hope to see you somewhere. We should have HUMAN DESTINATION copies on VINYAL buy then so come get yourself one or two. Robert Hardgrave’s art is going to be stunning at that scale.

Stay tuned for the latest info. I will get WordPress for the iPhone dialed in so we can update this page on the road.