The Upsidedown NYC interview

The Upsidedown NYC interview from US tour when? dunno. I heard they were supposed to do an interview with INTERVIEW (warhol’ mag) or something but they wanted to see THOTH instead (because he has some religous significance or somethingfor the band… dunno… maybe a band memeber will confirm) and they sent the interviewer and a radio DJ this mix that they made in the tour van on the way to NY.

Who knows??? listen now

I believe this is a shot of Blue Gene, (aka: Matte Noir, Matt Moore, Matty Fatty, Late Bloomer, Whippin’ Pony, Licky, Licorice Noir, Bugs, Grady so on…) washing his hands at the ( fancy fancy wear your pantsy in the all glass shower cause your bandmates will see yo bare ass and more which is cool if you are Fleetwood Mac or something and it is the early eighties) standard hotel in LA. For a Ozarks boy that be a mighty fancy “wash bucket.” Yep. That’s him.