The Upsidedown in Portland on 11/20/16

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As I chat to Jsun Atoms of the Upsidedown, he tells me it’s refreshing not to be asked about the recent inclusion of their song, Wolf Blood Honey, on HBO’s True Blood. Unsurprising, seeing as I don’t follow the show, am not really on the vampire bandwagon and am generally skeptical about glamourising mythical demons as appropriate partners.


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I was lucky enough to see The Upsidedown this past weekend for a little Saturday night music mayhem in L.A. The venue, The Bootleg Theater, served as a more than sufficient backdrop for the song with a dark, dingy, country-folk fusion feel. I literally felt like I was back at SXSW between the music and boots surrounding me.


The Upsidedown (Jason Adams, Matt Moore, Brett Kron, Tristan Evans, Bob Mild, Jason Anchondo) were definitely on their game that night. And it’s no wonder the sextet’s music have been featured on several primetime shows- the intensity of their music is almost unbearable at times. Case in point, a recent track on True Blood- their music captured the hot and humid town full of nightmarish chaos perfectly- think Justin Warfield’s voice (She Wants Revenge) accompanied by intense rock that sounds as though it may have been imported straight from the South.