Favorite Posters

THE UPSIDEDOWN Summer Tour 2006 DIY Rock Poster THE UPSIDEDOWN DIY StreetTeam Kit # item 1106_23_11Here is the DIY Summer Tour 2006 Poster for THE UPSIDEDOWN. Street Team here ya go… godspeed…
Download it whippersnapper!

———— below are some of my old favorites—————–

THE UPSIDEDOWN LIVE at the Knitting Factory- Hollywood The reason I like this one is because it is The Knitting Factory… legendary. I always think of “X” and Blondie and wow. We only had a handful of people to see us because no one knew us then but for me it was special.


THE UPSIDEDOWN with THE DANDY WARHOLS- TSUNAMI RELIEF MERCY CORPS -ROSELAND PORTLAND OREGON THE UPSIDEDOWN with THE DANDY WARHOLS- TSUNAMI RELIEF MERCY CORPS -ROSELAND PORTLAND, OREGON- Cool bands like Colin Meloy, Durango Park, The Out Crowd- Phantom Chicken did this poster. I picked this because it was a great event and a great night.


THE UPSIDEDOWN with Hypatia Lake One of my favorite posters. With Hypatia Lake from Seattle and The Shrills from PDX.
Ahhh Slabtown… we used to be friends. I picked this one because it was the last time we played SLABTOWN (before it sucked) and because I LOVE vintage Hondas… especially the minitrails from the 70’s.
THE UPSIDEDOWN Poster featuing made in Portland Prescription Electronics I picked this because it feels LIVE and it shows off one of my secret weapons. – Sonic Love Via Jack at Prescription Electronics
THE UPSIDEDOWN with The Makers This poster has a special spot in my rock and roll heart because Michael Maker himself picked me up in his fine assed Mustang Fastback. He whipped a Steve McQueen move in front of my apartment and picked me up. He had Led Zepplin on the 8-Track and it felt like about mmmm 1974.5 all the way to the venue. I knew I was in the cool kid club. This was one of the first shows for the THE UPSIDEDOWN too. At least with T-bird and Brett. This was a fucking cool show. Starantula too. Which I love.
THE UPSIDEDOWN - early poster And this is one of the very very first posters I believe.

THE UPSIDEDOWN - early poster

And last but not least I pick this because it was our first big tour… one whole month coast to coast in a little van. We became a band that summer and proved to ourselves we could take it and that we loved each other and what we were doing. When we showed up in the town where we were playing and saw this poster it flipped the switch in our hearts and it was showtime. We rocked… sometimes only for the bartender and his girlfriend but it was holy. We found our special place in the world.