SXSW 2009 with WordPress for iPhone

We are now near El Centro and are moving freely along the Great Wall of Mexico. Next stop Tucson, Arizona. We commenced the rock and roll circus western tour with Spindrift on Wednesday. It began with a very fun show in LA at The Redwood “bar,” more accurately the Redwood “Shanty.” A pirate themed place which went well with Spindrift’s new nautical themed video backdrop (which by the way is enthralling) AND there were real pirates walking around AND 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea meets Six Degrees of Separation from Portland, so many of our friends were in town. It’s a wonder someone didn’t drown.

There was a nice review posted on about this show.  It’s recent. Just look for The Upsidedown!

Speaking of technology and trying to figure stuff out, we just got on Twitter so you can now join us on tour! For a play-by-play on you can join in on the fun, tell your friends and give us pointers. We also just got WordPress for the iPhone which we are testing at the moment.

Props to Lee Cohen/The Dandy Warhols for freaking out on us for not blogging and tweeting enough! We have big plans and all of our woofers and tweeters aligned for magic Lee. Set the sails

OK so WordPress for the iPhone (for fan/nerds).  Truth be told Sara Jane just transcribed this from my iPhone because it didn’t post. I DID get that photo above to post but when I tried to repost it hated it. Kept getting the error message “wrong id yadda” but I bet it is just another little wordpress quirk to figure out. I am going to back this up just in case the phone app screws it up again. More later on that rock nerds so stay tuned.

Got to nap before rocking the Hotel Congress tonight in Tucson. Legendary.

This is Matt by the way signing out. – Jason wrote the first part on my phone until he started getting car sick then I wrote the rest and Sarah Jane transcribed it and tried to change my name to “Patty” but luckily I caught it. They think it is funny to call me Patty today.