Soundtrack for “WATER WINGS”


Some of the songs from “Human Destination” have been included in the recent indy film “Water Wings.”

“Water Wings” is an improvised drama about a young man who is given the boot by his fiance after an unsuccessful stint in drug rehab. Miserable, he travels to San Diego to see his childhood girlfriend to hopefully get his life back on track. When he arrives and sees her for the first time in years, the rainstorm begins to clear. As they traverse the landscape of sunny San Diego and rediscover their friendship, the young man begins to heal from the wreckage of his past.

The story is based on an unfortunate time in the life of writer/co-director Justin Adams, who plays himself in the film. “Water Wings” combines fact with fiction, twisting the two together until the difference goes unnoticed. For all its appearances of casualness, the film relies on the actors unerring talent to deliver dialogue that sounds like an overheard conversation.

The film is connected by an epic soundtrack featuring musicians from The Dandy
Warhol’s record label Beat The World Records and Portland’s Reverb Records. “Water Wings” is an uplifting film, elegantly shot and edited, whose imagery is conjoined with a soundtrack that rejuvenates the night of independent cinema.

Here is a complete list of the bands featured on the soundtrack.

The Upsidedown

Alex Mass of The Black Angels

Hazelwood Motel

Pete International Airport

The Vandelles

The Ghost Orchid

Hypatia Lake

Logan Lynn

Ringo Deathstarr

The Bella Low

Benjamin Starshine

The High Violets

Asteroid #4