Silver Wind video released

For best viewing click the “high quality” link here on YouTube.

This video could also be called “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation With The Dandy Warhols.” The footage was shot using our little Flip video camera. We shot almost everything ourselves except for when we were on stage and then it was shot by Scotty- lighting director extraordinaire and Dylan sound engineer supremo. We all had our way with the little guy. I have to give props to Fathead (we were touring with The Dandy Warhols when we shot this) because he showed me his own “spinny head” footage which inspired me. Here are some more interesting factoids:

The trees have eyes!
The trees featured in this video are aspen trees and we got lucky to get them when they turn gold. The white bark is interesting because it reflects light so an aspen forest is brighter than most. Despite the name the bark did not bark at us at all, in fact it was quite silent. Aspen trees are all connected as one organism so they are one of the biggest living things on earth! And if that wasn’t cool enough they also have eyes.

The Marooned Bells
We found our tour guidebook a bit misleading. The so called “Marooned Bells” (near Aspen Colorado) were way too BIG to pick up let alone play. They look cool though.

Bell Ringer
On The Beach.
We were on the beach Jsun grew up playing on… Buccaneer Beach I think it was called in San Diego. That is Tristan playing in the water and Brett is in the background with a boogie board. What is interesting about this footage is Brett is about to get hit by a stingray but he doesn’t know it yet. Jsun and I were out surfing on these old longboards and getting nice rides we were all laughing and yelling so when we saw Brett screaming we just thought he was saying “wow that was a good wave” or something but he was really saying “wow that was a really awful ^#%!! stingray that just stabbed my ^#%!! foot.” So anyway besides having to take Brett to the ER it was a really really good day. We even saw My Bloody Valentine that night.

Other Locations
The footage of Sarah Jane was shot in Utah in Monument Valley. The shots of Brett and The Gift were from the Desert of Nevada. The moths live in the Smoky Mountains. The live footage is from Montreal maybe I can’t remember. Maybe someone that does will chime in with a bell of reasonable proportions.