On our way home

Ok so we had a blast at SXSW. We played lots of shows, got a bunch of new fans that said we were the coolest show at SXSW which makes all of the trouble seem totally worth it. Speaking of trouble… We are now snowbound in Wyoming and SteveVan is sick. Hopefully just a little altitude sickness. Waiting for the mechanic so we should know soon. We are not going to be able to make our show at Salt Lake at the Urban Lounge and we are sad about that but we just got news that we were mentioned on wired.com so that is warming our hearts some.

The last show Matt was finally able to unleash the pyrotechnics he has had up his sleeve and the crowd loved it. He can’t wait to play another outdoor show now. Umm that is all for now… The mechanic is ready up see Steve. Bye.