Live From Nowhere Near You


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1-1 Kevin Moyer An Easy Slide AKA Rendezvous You Too
1-2 Bright Eyes And Britt Daniel Southern State
1-3 The Helio Sequence Heart Disease
1-4 Nathan Jr The Best Noise
1-5 The Upsidedown. Silver Wind
1-6 Shawn Smith (2) With Tobin Herrera, SkunkE , And Kevin Moyer You Are Majestic
1-7 Kevin Moyer / Freddie Thomas (2) Ill Street Blues
1-8 Carlos Guitarlos With Mike Watt Ain’t That Lovin’ You
1-9 Paul Immanuel Owens Hey You Dreamer (Colors Of Sound)
1-10 Dan Reed Ritual (Acoustic)
1-11 Tango Alpha Tango This City
1-12 Phillip Dieter, Skeeter (8) Winging It
1-13 James Mercer Caring Is Creepy (Solo Acoustic Version)
1-14 Brent DeBoer Is That All
1-15 Tim Jensen* A Saxophone In New York
1-16 Carlos Vamos And Lindsay Buckland With Greg Oden Bar Tremolinos (O-No-You-Den)
1-17 Pete Miser Featuring Bosko Where Do We Go From Here?
1-18 Eddie Vedder, The Strokes , And Josh Homme Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
1-19 Joe Purdy Troubadour
1-20 Joe Whaley Save Me From Destruction (Acoustic Demo)
1-21 Blue Giant Featuring Corin Tucker Gone For Good
2-1 David Brown (49) And Adrian McEldery Loose Change
2-2 The Ettes Spend My Money
2-3 The Upsidedown Featuring Pete Holmstrom* Light (Pete International Airport Remix)
2-4 Daniel Johnston Grievances
2-5 Dand Lee Strickland And Kevin Moyer Holding Me Down
2-6 Tyler Coyle Scaffolding
2-7 Nicholas Crosa ; DJ Sirround One Violin, One DJ
2-8 Suckapunch Moves
2-9 Mic Crenshaw And* Running Out Of Time
2-10 Lindsay Buckland And Carlos Vamos Whirling Devas
2-12 Danny Seim As Lackthereof The Columbia
2-13 Carlos Vamos And Lindsay Buckland Vigilante
2-14 Kevin Moyer Let’s Make A Deal
2-15 Courtney Taylor Taylor* And Peter Holmstrom* With Portland Elvis Gonna Be Your Santa
2-16 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club River Styx (Demo)
2-17 Station Zero With Kevin Moyer Prone
2-18 Logan Lynn Movies
2-19 Brant* And Thomas* Nana
2-20 Third Eye Blind Including Arion Salazaar* There’s No Hurry For Eternity
2-21 Stone Gossard And Mike McCready With Pete Droge, Cole Peterson , And Chris Friel Shame On You
2-22 The Presidents Of The United States Of America Love Everybody
3-1 Carlos Guitarlos With John Doe (2) Two Tavern Town
3-2 Tobin Herrera Tonic Interlude
3-4 Jordan White Frank And Judy
3-5 Neil Gust, Elliott Smith, Jim Talstra , And John Moen As No. 2 (2) Who’s Behind The Door?
3-6 Elliott Smith The Real Estate
3-7 Modest Mouse Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office
3-8 Kevin Moyer Happiness, That’s Why I’m Bleeding
3-9 Thomas Lauderdale Up And Up
3-10 Thomas Lauderdale A Piano In New York
3-11 Steven Wilson Abandoner (Alternate Version)
3-12 Greg Snell End Wash
3-13 Kevin Moyer Gutter Swirls (Drained)
3-14 Pete Miser Call On Me
3-15 Faux Hoax Your Friends Will Carry You Home (Pocket Remix)
3-16 David Maverick And Brian Winkle Reverse
3-17 Ryan Adams Shine Through The Dark
3-18 Joe Whaley Save Me From Destruction (Alternate Home Studio Version)
3-19 Matt Brown (20) And Kevin Moyer One Fine Day (Fall, Acoustic)
3-20 The Black Ryder Burn And Fade
3-21 Wilco Someday Some Morning Sometime
3-22 Joe Whaley I’ll Always Be There For You