All In The Mind


Psyilocybin Sounds is an independent label from the UK set up to promote some of the new Psychedelic Sounds from around the world.

Label head DJ Stodmeister is on a mission as he says; “to bring these sounds to the un-educated masses.”

The first CD on the label , “All In The Mind” was released April 2006 and the follow up , “Turn On Your Mind” came out late March 2007.


1. Rocking Horse People – Lost In The Haze
2. The December Sound – Reminder
3. The Pink Snowflakes – It’s Snowing On TV
4. The Vera Violets – Lighthead Crash
5. Andersens – Prepared Landscapes
6. We Yes You No – Hello Square One
7. First Communion After Party – The Mini Apple
8. The Real Burnouts – Witch Switch
9. The Upside Down – Drag Race
10. The Sparkling Fountains of Magic Reality – I Want You
11. Sunsplit – The Need
12. Silvertone – Something Fierce
13. The Astral Kaleidoscope – Song For The Dandylion
14. The Fassbinders – Ballad Of Beatnik Billy
15. Rollercoaster – Can You Feel it
16. The Laurels – Bring On The Sun