The Upsidedown appears on several Shoegaze Compilations and TV shows. Here are a few:


This recording features songs from The Upsidedown, Hypatia Lake, Voyager One, The High Violets, Telephone, Joy Wants Eternity, Minmae, The Jeunes and Asobe Seksu, to name a few. It’s just another sign of the amazing music coming out of the NW


01 The Upsidedown : Wake Up Drive Thru
02 Asobe Seksu : Walk On The Moon
03 Lab Partners : Now
04 The High Violets : Invitation05 Helen Stellar : You Glow From Within
06 The Jeunes : See You Again
07 The Winter Pageant : Waxing Incomplete
08 Charmparticles : Solvent
09 Telephone : Ahead
10 Voyager One : The People’s Candidate
11 The Telling : Dreaming in English
12 Hypatia Lake : Bridget Fountain Head
13 Minmae : Experimental Pop Song
14 Black Nite Crash : Last Time (live on kexp)
15 Thebrotherkite : The Music Box16 Climber : Always Right
17 Beef : Seventeen
18 Man of the Year : A Different Cowboy
19 Joy Wants Eternity : What Fell Down From The Moon Last Night

Dots to Connect (Prids Tribute)


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1. A Place To Bury Strangers – A Place To Bury Strangers – The Problem 02:14
2. Green Circles – Lienzencages 05:51
3. Entertainment – Shadow And Shadow 03:44
4. Hearts Fail – The Glow 05:38
5. Charmparticles – All That You Want 04:46
6. The Wendys – Like Hearts 04:48
7. Bell Hollow – Contact 04:19
8. Veil Veil Vanish – Forever Again 02:23
9. Me You Us Them – Back Up Slow 03:37
10. Autodrone – Let It Go 04:22
11. We Float – Persona Solara 04:31
12. Soft Tags – Infection 05:22
13. Roman Numerals – One Thousand Five 03:19
14. The Upsidedown – Glide, Screamer 05:29
15. Helvetia – Something Difficult 04:11
16. Swann Danger – Artificial Heart Designer 02:34
17. Sleepmask – Before We Are 04:04
18. The Suffocation Keep – Love Zero

Live From Nowhere Near You


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1-1 Kevin Moyer An Easy Slide AKA Rendezvous You Too
1-2 Bright Eyes And Britt Daniel Southern State
1-3 The Helio Sequence Heart Disease
1-4 Nathan Jr The Best Noise
1-5 The Upsidedown. Silver Wind
1-6 Shawn Smith (2) With Tobin Herrera, SkunkE , And Kevin Moyer You Are Majestic
1-7 Kevin Moyer / Freddie Thomas (2) Ill Street Blues
1-8 Carlos Guitarlos With Mike Watt Ain’t That Lovin’ You
1-9 Paul Immanuel Owens Hey You Dreamer (Colors Of Sound)
1-10 Dan Reed Ritual (Acoustic)
1-11 Tango Alpha Tango This City
1-12 Phillip Dieter, Skeeter (8) Winging It
1-13 James Mercer Caring Is Creepy (Solo Acoustic Version)
1-14 Brent DeBoer Is That All
1-15 Tim Jensen* A Saxophone In New York
1-16 Carlos Vamos And Lindsay Buckland With Greg Oden Bar Tremolinos (O-No-You-Den)
1-17 Pete Miser Featuring Bosko Where Do We Go From Here?
1-18 Eddie Vedder, The Strokes , And Josh Homme Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
1-19 Joe Purdy Troubadour
1-20 Joe Whaley Save Me From Destruction (Acoustic Demo)
1-21 Blue Giant Featuring Corin Tucker Gone For Good
2-1 David Brown (49) And Adrian McEldery Loose Change
2-2 The Ettes Spend My Money
2-3 The Upsidedown Featuring Pete Holmstrom* Light (Pete International Airport Remix)
2-4 Daniel Johnston Grievances
2-5 Dand Lee Strickland And Kevin Moyer Holding Me Down
2-6 Tyler Coyle Scaffolding
2-7 Nicholas Crosa ; DJ Sirround One Violin, One DJ
2-8 Suckapunch Moves
2-9 Mic Crenshaw And Stic.man* Running Out Of Time
2-10 Lindsay Buckland And Carlos Vamos Whirling Devas
2-12 Danny Seim As Lackthereof The Columbia
2-13 Carlos Vamos And Lindsay Buckland Vigilante
2-14 Kevin Moyer Let’s Make A Deal
2-15 Courtney Taylor Taylor* And Peter Holmstrom* With Portland Elvis Gonna Be Your Santa
2-16 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club River Styx (Demo)
2-17 Station Zero With Kevin Moyer Prone
2-18 Logan Lynn Movies
2-19 Brant* And Thomas* Nana
2-20 Third Eye Blind Including Arion Salazaar* There’s No Hurry For Eternity
2-21 Stone Gossard And Mike McCready With Pete Droge, Cole Peterson , And Chris Friel Shame On You
2-22 The Presidents Of The United States Of America Love Everybody
3-1 Carlos Guitarlos With John Doe (2) Two Tavern Town
3-2 Tobin Herrera Tonic Interlude
3-4 Jordan White Frank And Judy
3-5 Neil Gust, Elliott Smith, Jim Talstra , And John Moen As No. 2 (2) Who’s Behind The Door?
3-6 Elliott Smith The Real Estate
3-7 Modest Mouse Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office
3-8 Kevin Moyer Happiness, That’s Why I’m Bleeding
3-9 Thomas Lauderdale Up And Up
3-10 Thomas Lauderdale A Piano In New York
3-11 Steven Wilson Abandoner (Alternate Version)
3-12 Greg Snell End Wash
3-13 Kevin Moyer Gutter Swirls (Drained)
3-14 Pete Miser Call On Me
3-15 Faux Hoax Your Friends Will Carry You Home (Pocket Remix)
3-16 David Maverick And Brian Winkle Reverse
3-17 Ryan Adams Shine Through The Dark
3-18 Joe Whaley Save Me From Destruction (Alternate Home Studio Version)
3-19 Matt Brown (20) And Kevin Moyer One Fine Day (Fall, Acoustic)
3-20 The Black Ryder Burn And Fade
3-21 Wilco Someday Some Morning Sometime
3-22 Joe Whaley I’ll Always Be There For You

Music Fest NW


On August 15th, the Musicfest NW 2007 Cd compilation was released. The Upsidedown’s new track “Light” (on the soon to be released CD) will be on this compilation. The CD features Adrian Orange, The Bronx, Aesop Rock, Dirty Projectors, Spoon, Eugene Mirman and many more great bands. MFNW Cd’s will be sold at various local stores in the Portland metro area and for the first two weeks they’re free with a purchase of a MFNW wristband at Jackpot Records, and/or Music Millennium locations. If one wants to buy a MFNW Cd they go for $5 and all proceeds go to The Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, and Oregon Music Hall of Fame.

Musicfest NW Vol. 2

So Post All  Em – YACHT
None Shall Pass – Aesop Rock
Shitty Future – The Bronx
Returning To The Fold – The Thermals
The Underdog – Spoon
1,000,000 Feet Below – Herman Jolly
Westward Ho – Richmond Fontaine
Dear Sara – Anders Parker
Our Life is not a Movie or Maybe – Okkervil River
When Planets Collide – Viva Voce
The Light – The Upsidedown
Living a Lie – Aqueduct
Summer’s Life – The Shaky Hands
Two Sheep Asleep – The Dirty Projectors
While You Live – Adrian Orange
On This Side – Tiny Vipers
Spring Break – Deerhunter * exclusive track
Knife – Grizzly Bear
Joe Metro – The Blue Scholars
Revolve – Eugene Mirman

All in the Mind


Psyilocybin Sounds is an independent label from the UK set up to promote some of the new Psychedelic Sounds from around the world.

Label head DJ Stodmeister is on a mission as he says; “to bring these sounds to the un-educated masses.”

The first CD on the label , “All In The Mind” was released April 2006 and the follow up , “Turn On Your Mind” came out late March 2007.


1. Rocking Horse People – Lost In The Haze
2. The December Sound – Reminder
3. The Pink Snowflakes – It’s Snowing On TV
4. The Vera Violets – Lighthead Crash
5. Andersens – Prepared Landscapes
6. We Yes You No – Hello Square One
7. First Communion After Party – The Mini Apple
8. The Real Burnouts – Witch Switch
9. The Upside Down – Drag Race
10. The Sparkling Fountains of Magic Reality – I Want You
11. Sunsplit – The Need
12. Silvertone – Something Fierce
13. The Astral Kaleidoscope – Song For The Dandylion
14. The Fassbinders – Ballad Of Beatnik Billy
15. Rollercoaster – Can You Feel it
16. The Laurels – Bring On The Sun

NW Shoegaze Bliss


01 Black Nite Crash : See Her Tonight
02 The High Violets : 44 Down
03 Minmae : This Means Everything

04 Charmparticles : These Are Your Walking Papers

05 Voyager One : Wires
06 The Upsidedown : Souldiving
07 Nordic : Honeyblind
08 Saturna : Gimme
09 Silver Surfer : Sideways Eight
10 Thebrotheregg : Billy Barty’s Brains
11 Hypatia Lake : Breathe Motionless

Songs From a Sonic Place

Reverb records

1. The Upsidedown : La Paloma (PIA Remix)
2. the Raveonettes : My Heartbeat’s Dying
3. Ringo Deathstar : Imagine Hearts
4. Hopewell : Island
5. Christian Bland & The Revelators : I See You
6. Hawkeye : Sylvia
7. The Prids : Fragile
8. A Place to Bury Strangers : Don’t Save Your Love
9. The Dazzling Strangers : Always Late
10. Insect Guide : Frozen (Sonic Boom Remix)
11. Rick Bain & The Genius Position : Keep It Glowing
12. Hypatia Lake : Only The Queen
13. The Purrs : Only Dreaming
14. Serena Maneesh : OXYG Oslo 2002 v4
15. The Spires : Esprit de Corps
16. Happy Prescriptions : Feed
17. Ten Million Lights : Fast Asleep
18. The Vandelles : California Killer
19. Pete International Airport : I Care (the dreams)
20. Rebel Drones : Motherfucker